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Software Development Agency

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Software Development Agency

About us

Transparent communications and flexible approach to every project


ARMO IT Solutions is a software development and consulting company, based in Armenia- the land of hardworking IT zealots.

Creating software solutions tailored to our clients’ business, industry and customer needs is the core of our business.

We consider ourselves as an employee driven company and are constantly offering professional development programs to retain and grow our team’s talent.


Software development services: Less talks more actions and results

Project Development

Our team of motivated developers is there to deliver custom software projects and development services through transparent communications and flexible approach.You don’t need big investments to see the first visible results: after the first two weeks we deliver a working solution, prototype, to see where the direction goes and set the future collaboration goals.

Frontend Development

Frontend technology evolves very fast, with new solutions being introduced to the market almost on daily basis. Our Frontend developers are actively participating in this process and keeping themselves up to date to technological innovations. We are delivering solutions while comfortably working with different Java Script Framework

Backend Development

At Armo we follow the Scrum Development methodology for delivering scalable and easy to maintain Web Services. The scalability and maintainability of our services are based on business logic structured into multiple loosely coupled layers that together build our final product.

How we work

Your Intellectual Property Matters

The security and safety of your Intellectual Property is our Top priority. The very first step we take before we go in any discussions about your project and/or company is to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, where we make sure that all the documentations, code and data are fully owned by our customers.


Communications IT is

At ARMO IT we believe that communication is one of the key factors in maintaining client relationships and delivering successful projects, where expectations match the deliverables.

Therefore, we ensure transparent communications through frequent standups, status updates and progress reporting.


Product Scoping

Architecture Design

Software Product Development

Software testing



Front-End Development
Back-End Development

Contact us

27/1 Azatutyan Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

(+374) 94 57-54-42



Company’s core values

This is the place, if you are up to …

Continuous Learning

ARMO provides an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.
We are committed to continuous investments in the growth of our team members.

Team on a mission

We are a team of outstanding individuals, however, it is only through teamwork that we achieve
our goals and deliver the best results. 

Trust & Transparency

At ARMO we believe that the only way to build trust is through constructive and transparent
communications: internally and externally! 


Let’s admit it! We are most productive if we do what we do while having fun in a fun
environment with fun people!